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Alienware Alpha R2 + Graphic Amplifier - Not working

Question asked by eha002 on Oct 21, 2017

Hi Guys, I have an Alienware Alpha R2 + Graphic Amplifier + Asus Strix GTX 1060 6GB and no matter what i do i cannot get it to work.


It is a fresh install of windows from a Dell Recovery Usb i made to suit this computer.


I have tried-

No graphics drivers

GTX 960 driver from Dell Alpha R2 support page

GTX 1060 driver from Nvidia Support page

Reseating the GPU

Replugging the cable

Swapping ends of the cable over

Plugging in while fully booted (Nothing happens until Restart)

Plugging in while powered down completely

Updating everything i could from the Dell Support Alpha R2 page

Hdmi into Tv (From Gpu or Alpha ports, No video)

Hdmi to Dvi into monitor (as above)

Both into Gpu

1 into Gpu, 1 into Alpha (Tried Both ways)


i cannot find anything for the Alpha R2 that has a driver or application for the graphics Amplifier.


there is for Area51 computer and for the Laptops, but nothing for the Alpha.


I‘m at my wits end here. What am i missing?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.