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What is causing my Alienware Aurora R6 to boot into a Static only screen?

Question asked by cybelemoon on Oct 12, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2017 by Tesla1856

I've had this problem intermittently.  Sometimes several times a week then may go weeks without it happening again.  I'm at a loss since in my experience I've previously never had a "snowy screen" before on a PC.    


I purchased my Aurora R6  March 6, 2017 to replace a temporary PC (Lenovo) that I had purchased after a fire destroyed my previous custom built gaming PC.  I have been greatly disappointed so far with this purchase. My first problem was that I paid for a 4G graphics card and it came installed with a 2G.  However, it was fixed quickly and I am appreciative of that fact. 


As a gaming PC so far I have not been very satisfied.  I have since doubled my Ram in hopes to improve my gaming experience.  I've never had a system before that was unable to handle gaming. (Even the Lenovo did a fairly decent job and is currently being used by my daughter to play the same game I play on my Aurora R6, being Fallout 4.)   There have been several problems as of late but one at a time for now. 


Does anyone know what can be causing the Static "Snowy" screen?