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Damaged aux power cable (the black one) for the Killer Wireless card in Alienware 13 R1. How to change/repair it?

Question asked by DKolev on Sep 13, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2017 by CarbonBasedLifeform

So after a long overdue, a week ago I finally opened my Alienware 13 R1 to clean it up as well as repaste the CPU & the GPU. Bottom line is - everything went "almost" without any terrible consequences... except the fact that I f*cked up the Killer Wireless card.

While disconnecting the power cables from it (despite doing it as gently as possible) I managed to rip one of the pins but the bigger problem is problem is that the pin is now stuck inside the cable's connector (the black one).
The good news is that with only the main power cable attached to the card (the white one) it still works but I have to be very close to my router to get connected.

I can easily get a new card from Amazon for 20 euros (here in France) but not before I fix the cable somehow. But I'm afraid if I try harder to get the little piece stuck in it I might damage the connector altogether.

So for the time being, I bought a Netgear N300 USB WI-FI adapter.


Is there a way to repair the cable without sending the machine to a service center?


10x in advance