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I am speechless!

Question asked by cOC0 on Sep 12, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2017 by Rycybpnk

I don't even know where to start.


I bought this laptop in February brand new at Best Buy for 2200 dollars with tax:

Alienware 17r4

17; 1440p 120hz Gsync

i7 6700k

16gb ram


128+1tb hard drive


Anyways, out of the box it had overheating problems. It would throttle and go upwards of 100 - 105 degrees celcius while gaming. Called tech support and asked me to reformat my whole computer which I did.


Problem persisted, so they remote connected to it . At first. they tried telling me those temps are normal under stress, (105 degrees), then they accepted its a problem and sent a tech to my house to replace the motherboard 


Tech comes to my house, and in the process, manages to not only fry the new motherboard, but also mess up my screen where it was showing green pixels everywhere, until the laptop stopped turning on. He blamed it on the part, and just left my house, after telling me to call back support and ask for another replacement motherboard. (Insane I know)


They send a box to my house and promise me to get my computer fixed at their repair depot. After waiting 3 weeks it comes back from the repair depot with the screen bezel broken and unglued from the screen. Overheating problems are still there of course. Goes upwards of 90 degrees now.


In the process, I not only was lied a GAZILLION times by supervisors, managers, and people at advanced resolution dept that I will get call backs when I never did. I even tweeted with the ceo of Alienware, and while he seemed to care, and sent my case to "his people" , I never got escalated or talked to anyone else besides just tech support. The only time I talked to a person from advanced resolution dept, he promised to check back with me and he never did. Nobody cares about customer service, nobody checks quality control, and not only do they not fix your problem, they send back the laptop with new ones. 


Ive lost 200+ hours on the phone with them, and countless days.


Im sitting at my desk, with a computer that just came back from their repair depot yesterday, with a **** broken or unglued screen bezel. I want my money back.


Is there anyone that can help with any advice besides BBB and small claims court?