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Alienware 17 r4 stand by battery drain

Question asked by Milan96 on Jul 18, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2017 by Milan96

Hello there, i'm having 3 main issues.

1. When i close all programs and shut the lid of the laptop, over night the whole battery drains, i'm not sure what the laptop is doing but i know that this is a problem. PLS HELP

2. When i try to turn on the laptop it doesn't turn on properly, all the beautiful light zones light up, but the screen stays dark, it takes me anywhere from 3-10 attempts (and this ONLY happens when the laptop is "cold" and by that i mean that is was turned off for some time)(and some times while i'm trying to successfully turn on the laptop the screen glitches out and i have a video to show that. Alenware 17 r4 glitcging out after stand by - YouTube  )

3. I keep  getting this popup that some dock is connected and that it is not supported.

I updated everything and the problems are sticking around.

Any suggestions? Thank you.