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Alienware 17 R4 - 2017 stuttering/freezing issue

Question asked by Reinkaoswolf on Jul 13, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2017 by ReisenShin

Hello !! I have some problems with my new laptop. Last week I have bought a Alienware 17 R4 - 2017 version and I noticed that my laptop stutters/freezes for like 1 sec while playing games. I have thought that it is not a big deal but now it became really annoying. I looked at the temperatures and they seem normal to me. I get like 55C+ on the CPU and 50C+ on the GPU. Pretty sweet numbers!  I also encountered a  Windows 10 Blue Screen error (VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR). Something like that.

Another thing! These freezes or whatever they happen in the first 10-15 min in the game and I get like 3-4 freezes and then it stops. The stuttering comes back later on! After 1 or 2 hours!

I will include some readings from playing 2 different games. I played those games for 2 hours or so.  

Rise of the Tomb Raider - 2 hours in to the game!

Rise of the Tomb Rider - 2 hours in to the game!

World of Warcraft Legion - 2 hours in to the game

Any advice you can give me ? Can you help me with this annoying problem ? I have spent a lot of money on this laptop and I expected premium  performance.



My Alienware 17 specification: i7 7820HK, 16GB, 1TB HDD, GTX 1080.


Things that I have tried:

1. I did a clean reinstall of the Nvidia driver. (I thought it was the driver. Turns out this didn't fixed the problem)

2. Updated the bios to the latest version. ( Same thing happened)

3. Reinstalled all my games. ( I thought my game files were corrupt but this didn't fixed the problem)

4. Did a diagnostic scan and every component has passed the test. No errors !

5. I have used the Support Assist app and did a hardware scan. No errors! I have cleaned files, Tuned the performance, etc.

Still the same problem! 

Thank you!