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Alienware 17 R2 partition issues.

Question asked by ryanmilligan4 on May 19, 2017
Latest reply on May 19, 2017 by Tesla1856

I have an Alienware 17 R2 upgraded to Windows 10 and I'm having some partition and recovery issues.


Long story short, I have been having issues with my partition table and being able to successfully navigate a recovery, whether it be through the provided recovery media or anything created by Respawn, since I purchased the computer. I recently had an SSD issue which required replacement. This provided an opportunity for the first full recovery of the system I've had done in a while. Now I have the system back to factory and upgraded to Windows 10 with no added software other than AlienRespawn. My partitions now look like the included picture. Does that seem right? Looks like a lot of redundant recovery partitions but I don't know for sure. Are the recovery partitions on the larger Disk 0 the ones that came factory installed on my system and the ones on the SSD (Disk 1) the ones created by AlienRespawn when I installed it and it made an image? Do all of the partitions on Disk 0 look correct as the factory would have intended it or are the redundant ones messing things up which is why I get partition table errors when I try to run recoveries? It just seems like a lot of space lost for recovery and I'd like to reclaim what space I can as well as make sure the partitions are such that my original factory provided recovery media will work properly in an emergency. Any insight you can give would be great but I also understand if it's too specific and I should consult a technician. Thanks!