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W10 Creators Update on R2 15" laptop

Question asked by AAA737flyer Expert on Apr 20, 2017

The process itself was simple enough but there were some minor issues after the install that are corrected easily.


1) iTunes would not load.

Simple fix by going to Programs and Features, selecting iTunes, and selecting repair. An iTunes service gets turned off and the Repair selection automatically fixes things in less than a minute.


2) Favorites gets wiped out.

Update the Cloud or make a copy of your favorites to reinstall later.


3) Windows Defender.

WD makes its presence along side of your selected Anti Virus/Malware software. It also puts itself in the Action Center with an Icon that so far I can't get rid of. It monitors your system health and makes suggestions.


4) Sound Blaster profile disabled.

Once I got iTunes back up and running I selected a movie and could barely hear it with volume turned full up. SB was the issue as my custom profile had been deselected. The profile is still there, you just have to re-select it.


5) Screen display not as good as before update.

Settings in Color management, Intl Graphics, and Nvidia Control panel, all had to be reset to my preferences or changed back to my personal settings. If you are not sure what those settings are you may want to take a picture first.


6) Printer profile lost.

Had to recreate my HP printer profile as well as add the printer to the laptop. Creators makes adding a lost printer easy by recognizing the last printer use from you system, displays it, and lets you add it back. You will see a code displayed on your printer screen and you must enter it into W10 before a certain amount of time. Once entered you should be back in business.


I had no issues with the BIOS. (had current vs already installed) The download was a little over 10GB but can be recovered using the disc clean function once you are happy with the install. In fact I ended up with an extra 1GB after all was said-and-done.


I did notice that a little less than 1GB extra ram appears to be used during normal operations. Not sure where that memory is being allocated.