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Hello !! I have some problems with my new laptop. Last week I have bought a Alienware 17 R4 - 2017 version and I noticed that my laptop stutters/freezes for like 1 sec while playing games. I have thought that it is not a big deal but now it became really annoying. I looked at the temperatures and they seem normal to me. I get like 55C+ on the CPU… (Show more)
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Hello everyone! I was really needing to ask what brand is in my area 51. It looks like the GTX 1080 Ti Aero ASUS, But there are no ASUS texts branded into the card. As I may want to have SLI in the future, can anyone help identify the card? It has a red circuit board, and looks green and black just like the ASUS Aero but with no logo on the card.… (Show more)
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I received a notification that there was an update from Alienware yesterday and I proceeded to download and install it. But when it restarted it got stuck in a boot loop. Going from “preparing automatic repair” then freezing and restarting over and over again. I can only press f2 and f12. Can someone please help me I need it resolved soon
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Hi,   I've been having a problem with my alienware 17 R3 (970M) for the past 3 months.   When I play games (such as overwatch or witcher 3), the laptop alternates between charging and using battery power, which causes the FPS to drop significantly and to lag. I have a 240w charger and a 180w charger, and they both have the same problem.   This… (Show more)
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I can assign all other modifier keys: CTRL, ALT, etc. but for some reason "FN" key doesn't work when setting up the Tactx keys. (I'm trying to assign screen brightness, volume, prt scrn).    Is this a known issue? Is there a work around?
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it will just blare out 31 beeps then 8 beeps repeditavely in a different tone, i bought this laptop cheaply second hand just because it was in good cosmetic condition and could put it on display as i am a bit of an alienware lover #AlienwareMasterRace, anyway i would love to get it working at all means possible and i cannot find anything about 31… (Show more)
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Hi Guys, I have an Alienware Alpha R2 + Graphic Amplifier + Asus Strix GTX 1060 6GB and no matter what i do i cannot get it to work.   It is a fresh install of windows from a Dell Recovery Usb i made to suit this computer.   I have tried- No graphics drivers GTX 960 driver from Dell Alpha R2 support page GTX 1060 driver from Nvidia Support… (Show more)
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Alienware 15 R3 i7 6700 HQ - Windows 10 Pro 16 Ram GTX 1070   Hello,   Recently, I did a Alienware Update 9/14. Upon playing Gears of War 4, sometimes my computer freezes in mid-play. Yesterday night, I managed to do 50 waves Hardcore no issue. But this morning, I got the screen freeze again. I hear no sound and I can't move mouse. To force… (Show more)
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Does anyone knows when the intel i9 be available in alienware laptops 
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Hi All,   I've looked around and couldn't find a definitive answer/solution... What liquid coolers are compatible with the Aurora R6? I am in process of upgrading PSU to 850w and would also like to upgrade from the stock air cooler. Have i7-7700 and GTX 1080.   I've seen some people suggest the Corsair H60 but from what I've read (and maybe I… (Show more)
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