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Alienware r4 17", bought it in March or April this year. I've been looking it up for an hour or so, but I'm getting fixes sending me into the registry for folders that dont exist.    I'm away from home for work, brought my laptop to do some gaming while I'm in my hotel room, but forgot my receiver for my mouse (d'oh!). It limited the games i… (Show more)
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X51 R2 switching on and not boot. No signal to disply. I've checked everything: GPU, RAM, Power supply is OK!>all fans and lights are working , but i cant see the bios even!!!!!!!
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My original system (Alienware 15R3) was only heating up. That was 4 months ago. Now after innumerable amount of repairs and everything, when I ask for a system exchange you guys are offering me a refurbished system! Things that happened: 1. My system starts heating up. I send the machine to Dell and they fix that and send me my unit with broken… (Show more)
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Hello, I want to use an aftermarket GPU cooler for my GTX 1080 in my aurora R6, since I've read the GTX 1080 in the R6 is one of the cheapest MSI. Do you think something like : [] would fit into the case? Would it void the warranty?  … (Show more)
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Hello all, I've been trying to find more information about formatting my Dell PC, it's an Inspiron 620.   I bought it 6 years ago and it hasn't been formatted since, now I want to try this with the reinstallation dvd that was delivered with the pc. If I run this DVD, will my pc be formatted? Or will this just re-install Windows 7? And is it still… (Show more)
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Very tempted to buy an alienware 15 or 17 as my next gaming laptop. What do I have to know? What to avoid? Where to buy?
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The Problem is that I see a dark shadow at the right corner of my screen display?. Is it a hardware problem or male-ware or a virus , may-be my PC needs a repair or a change of its screen.? ( Please note that my PC is running very well with no problem and no damages as well. then I get the same dark shadow of display if I connect it to other… (Show more)
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Hi everyone, im having an issue with an alienware r2 and wont be able to fix it. everytime that i try to turn on the pc i receive the msg above -"Boot Guard verified DXE that is fail. System will shutdown. Press any key"- and when i do press any key the notebook turns off. ive been reading some stuff on the internet and it looks like a bios… (Show more)
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I just upgraded to win 10 Pro and I want to reinstall the command center, but every installation package I have tried results in an error that the installation package is not compatible with my computer.  17 R3 service tag *******.
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This is probably going to sound like a stupid question but would my Alienware Aurora r5 460w have both an 8pin and 6pin cable? My GPU currently only requires a 6pin so I'm not sure if it would be included. I'm looking into getting a new GPU and I need some reassurance. I need to know quickly so fast responses would be nice. Thanks for any help,… (Show more)
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