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Hi I have a TatcX keyboard, but the Windows Keys do not work. I know they can be toggled on and off using the switch above the function keys, but this does nothing. Unless I am missing something I believe them to be faulty. To get around this, I was wondering if it were possible to have one of the macro keys mapped to do the same as the regular

check the attachment I play Counter Strike : GO  and I like the audio recon idea, but the problem is the radar detection is like quarter of the radar "north side of radar".  it doesn't show if the sound is coming from south east or west,  all the sounds from all areas are stuck in north side     in alienware audio
Alienware News
Need advice regarding my CPU fan on my alienware 15 R3. The fan appears to be loose and is make very disconcerting noises(Sounds like the blades are grinding against the innards of the laptop at LOW rpm) At fater RPMs the problems seemingly dissipates. Im considering sending it in while under warranty to have it repaired. But I wonder what the
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I just received this computer from Alienware - R6, i7 7700, GTX 1080 Ti, 850w power supply and Liquid Cooling, and more good stuff.     The cooling system is completely fubar.  None of the fans come on where and when they say they should... and of most concern THE GPU FAN WAS NOT ENABLED AT ALL.  Consequently on use the GPU
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Hello,      I have the Alienware 17 R4 with the i7-7820HK and GTX 1070. I am running it with the GTX 1070 enabled as default and I do not have it overclocked at all right now. For some reason, my computer will lock and freeze up no matter if I am playing a game, or just watching a movie on the laptop. This is what the Event Viewer