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Dell Alien 17 r4  GTX1070

Question asked by Ingm83 on Sep 11, 2017
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I have a alien ware 17 r4 with i7 6700HQ & GTX 1070. When i run BF4 on for the first time it give on ultra 1080P  like 120 to 140 FPS . Now its running at 56 to 91 FPS it on high performance and i use dedicate GPU (GTX1070) not optimus. i just start notice on GPUZ that the PCI bus interface on x8 not 16. You know the GTX support the PCIe 16 v3. Is that normal???. Can some one help ?. Also i notice  when the temperature of the cpu raise to 90c the  fans stop working. i update the bios, will see. Some one have suggestion?.