(WARNING : FIXED MS BUG)(SOLVED) AW x51 r2 creator's clean install, AW drivers install & updated, latest bios, harware checked, random BSOD

Discussion created by SantaHugo on Sep 1, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2017 by hindesite

Well, the title says it all, a perfectly fit machine that goes BSOD randomly. The front 2 USBs are non functioning

and since windows installation installed drivers for them I'm worried that they may be the cause of the BSODs

BUT I'M NOT USING THEM. As a final precaution step since everything else failed to solve BSODs I'm thinking

to deactivate-uninstall the drivers for these 2 usbs. Is it possible? How am I to distinguish them from the rest

and uninstall their drivers on windows settings? Or is it a bios thing? Help......