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Just bought 17 r4 laptop and it won't connect to some websites

Question asked by Ame102102 on Aug 11, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2017 by EZEKIELx25x17

I just got a alienware 17 r4 and after the windows install I can't reach all websites. I get an ERR_CONNECTION_RESET code. I've only installed a few programs; steam (and a few games), norton, CPUID HWMonitor, Guild Wars 2, and Chrome. I get this message in all browsers, generally for the same websites. I believe it only affects this computer as I have been at two different locations now, trying both wireless and wired connections. It doesn't affect other computers on the same networks. I've flushed my DNS, made sure that there wasn't a proxy running on my LAN settings, did an IP reset, disabled my firewall and at one point uninstalled norton completely, power cycled both routers and modems, setup my MTU to a slightly different packet size (1472), cleared my browsing data and cache, and updated drivers (they were already up to date). The only thing that seemed to temporarily fix it was by disabling the ECN capability, which allowed my to access the sites I was having issues with, but not for long. 


This is a brand new laptop and I it's a little frustrating that my chromebook can do something that this thing for some reason can't. Anyone have any ideas what I should do next?