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X51R3,  using Alienware Graphics Amplifier, how to take advantage of using both GTX Cards on 1 monitor

Question asked by HolyCow99 on May 17, 2017
Latest reply on May 18, 2017 by HolyCow99

The desktop came with the intel 530, and GTX 1060, and I put a GTX 980 ti  in the AGA. All three cards are shown under the display adapter in device manager. I currently have the desktop and the AGA hooked up to one monitor using 2 separate HDMI cables. I think the NVIDIA control panel show 1 of  2 and 2 of 2 displaying my monitor model twice. I am not sure if that is the recommended way of allowing the desktop to have both options for use, or not.


I want to take advantage of both cards. I know I can get a duel HDMI cable that will only take up one HDMI port in the monitor, not to mention should help the PC understand it has two GTX cards to choose from with one monitor only. I have NVIDIA control setting at Auto-Select, and I do not have a Card dedicated to PhysX. What is the correct way to take advantage of both cards. If their are multiple options than let me know and what are the pros and cons of each, should I dedicate one for PhysX?. 


I do not plan to play any 3D gaming anytime soon, but would love to have 3D processing for educational purposes for my 7 year old daughter to explore Space, and the ocean, etc... 


Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated.