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Alienware FX lights not working.

Question asked by PsYcHo_CaZzA on May 15, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2017 by exile84

Hi there everyone, I have an Alienware 17 and for a long time the lights worked perfectly fine. Then one day I turn the laptop on and the lights didn't turn on. I have looked over the forum posts and done the following: updated bios, reinstalled the command centre around 12 times, updated every driver I could think of and restarted the laptop too many times to count. 

Nothing has worked. The room feels so dark now. I get this error message when I open the command centre:

"The device you have selected is included in the current theme but AlienFX cannot detect this device on your system.  Do you want to remove this device from the current theme?"

Or the other message: "There was an error while AlienFX Controller was communicating with the computer. This might have been caused due to a problem with the hardware or the software.Try these solutions to correct the issue, in the following order:

- Try to enable AlienFX Controller again. Right-click on the AlienFX icon in the Windows notification area and select 'Enable Alienware AlienFX'.
- Shut down your computer and power it back on.

If neither of these solutions works, please contact Alienware technical support.
This error may also be caused if Alienware AlienFX software is installed on a computer without the proper hardware support for Alienware AlienFX."


Nothing changed with my laptop the night before it stopped working and nothing else was installed that day.

Anyone got any ideas as to what the issue could be? Please help?