Ethernet Driver needed

Discussion created by MartyGeist on Apr 18, 2017
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Hi All;


I have an Alienware Area 51 (model) m766SN0 that I just got, I have put Windows XP Professional on it, but it can't find the Drivers for the Ethernet Hardware, and so It can't connect to the Dell Download Center..

I would need to use another computer to get the necessary file(s) and copy then to a Usb Stick and Transfer them..


What's funny is I can and have used both UBUNTU and Linux Mint and they have the necessary Drivers to connect to the Internet..

Does anyone have the  DVD Windows XP  Professional that they could make a copy of for me ??


I got it working, but downloading the Diagnostic, via a stick, and ran it.. And that told me what I had..


I then looked that up on my other machine and I got the correct Driver, I now am downloading 145 updates..