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Alienware 15 R2, 965M and i7, "boot loop?"

Question asked by temporarynickname on Apr 1, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2017 by Alienware-Rodrigo

I purchased the Alienware 15 R2 about a year ago, the warranty has recently expired, and I ran into a boot loop issue and have no way of diaognosing the issue in terms of software.


Some of the things I have experienced during attempting to fix the problem:

- When attempting to run a ePSA diagnostic, the computer shuts down regularly right before the processor is checked and right after the second fan is checked, I believe it displayed "VGA Fan" or something along those lines.

- Factory restoring the device was futile, every time I was able to I was able to reach the "Hi." in the loading screen before it reset once more.

- Installed the latest BIOS (1.3.10) on the previous (1.2.3), and that got me to load windows, but then the problem percisted.

- The fans work fine, and have never had problems with heat or noise.

- In attempt (and still ongoing) to use the recovery Windows 10 file provided in, I come get to the "Restoing your PC xx%" and it continues to boot loop about half way through the process.

- It now displays "The drive where Windows is installed is locked. Unlock the drive and try again." Which I assume has nothing to do with the boot loop, but this is just to inform of my current state of the laptop (unable to boot windows.)


So through this I have made these assumptions and argued with myself, but not sure if I'm right:

- The motherboard needs to be replaced? (How am I still able to get passed the logo and into the failed to load screen?)

- Overheating from clogged up fans? (Wouldn't this mean my fans would be a lot louder or not even functioning?)

- Processor failure? (Random guess, because nothing will load besides basic things without shutting down.)

- Hard drive failure? (Random guess, because I have had problems with it in the past.)

- Graphics card failure? (Random guess, just listing off parts at this point.)



- Laptop won't boot, or load anything that is moderately intensive. EXAMLE: when the problem first happened, I was able to load onto windows and sign in, but then it would shut down after Discord would pop up, however Spotify would load up with ease.

- I don't know why, and can't use software to figure out why.


Any help would be greatly appreciated .