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Alienware X51 R3 - Thermal Control bug?

Question asked by EdRF on Mar 21, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2017 by erickfung

Hi Forum,


I use the CommandCenter version 4.5.18 (Last one so far) on Windows 10 Home and the Thermal Controller seems to have a bug for systems with water cooling.


If you check the screen (attached), I'm only able to control the PCI Fan,  the CPU LC Fan is not part of the ones I can control (Which is fine). However, if you decide to use the "manual" mode, the CPU LC Fan (Which again, is not part of the ones I should control or be affected by that option) becomes idle all the time (Less than 900 RPM), no matter the CPU temperature, causing the system to overheat.


If you set it back to "Auto", the CPU LC Fan resumes its usual RPM.


Is anyone seeing the same issue? Any fixes? I'm using BIOS 1.2.8


Thanks in advance,

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