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This laptop was a piece of **** from the start. Contacted support from the very beginning. The first time they picked up my laptop and brought it to the repair center, they've replaced the speakers while i specially said that it had performance issues and no speaker issues. So i had to send it back. They replaced the motherboard but i'm still… (Show more)
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Hello everyone,    I hope that you could help with explaining what is happening. Today, we I start my PC, which is Alienware Area 52 with Windows 10, I got a notification (photo attached) giving me like a time stamp of the last time I did shutdown my PC where the title of this time stamp is: Thermal Controller Shutting Down. Do I have any problem… (Show more)
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Is it worth it upgrading the motherboard? And if so what brand and model works best?
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Hi every one,   Before I start my story, I would like to thank (CarbonBasedLifeform) for his great support, at least with me. Thank you bro and thank you all for your help and comment.   I want to mention my story, so other owners or the new buyers of Alienware Area 51, learn from it and to know if this computer will be the best option for your… (Show more)
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Good evening,   I am getting a gray box that is more noticeable on white backgrounds in the upper left corner of my screen.  It only happens while in game applications.  For example the the screen shot is from Steamworld Heist.  I have also seen then in Witcher 3 however less noticeable with the darker colors.  I have also seen in it World of… (Show more)
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I have a Alienware 15 with a 4170HQ I7, 16 Gig of Ram, and 4gig 970 GTX video card with graphics amplifier. I get massive FPS drops in games, going from 95-100 to 50ish randomly for no reason. This happens on multiple games.
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When I am able to trigger BSOD: Using photoshop Photoshop Trying to install CINEMA 4D   I have updated all drivers and firmware. I have reinstalled windows, fresh. I was informed that if you disabled Turbo Boost 3.0. it could help and while I can do more before getting a BSOD, eventually the computer will BSOD "DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION".   The blue… (Show more)
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Good evening,   I have a grey rectangle that appears in the upper left corner of my screen when I using video games.  It is most noticeable on white backgrounds.  I am attaching a picture take from my phone during the loading screen of Steamworld Heist.  I have also noticed this in Witcher 3 and World of Warcraft.     When doing a screen capture… (Show more)
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Got a new R6 Aurora a month ago.  Today, 11/22/2017, support assist popped up with new drivers and downloads.  There were 3 updates, 2 recommended and 1 urgent.   The 2 recommended were Seira ATA - Intel Rapid Storage driver and Video - Intel HD Graphics Driver.  The 1 urgent was the bios update.   The 3 updates were successfully installed and I… (Show more)
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I have an Alienware X51 R2 which I got as a Christmas present back in 2013. It currently has a nVidia GeForce GTX 760 Ti OEM and an Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 installed into it. Within the last few months, games with advanced 3D graphics that used to run with perfect smoothness have now slowed down to 6-7 frames per second, and I'm convinced that… (Show more)
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