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Hi does alienware 17 R4 2017 support nvme ssd like Samsung 960 pro? although  I searched internet for compatible ssd, i didn't find any information about my Laptop-Alienware17.  i purchased base model with (1Tb hdd -  1070gpu-7700 cpu) from Dell Canada website.  best regards 

BUILD & QUALITY CONTROL   this is 10 day of new purchase alienware 15 r3 and the bottom part of lcd is detaching by itself.. whats wrong with quality control.. first i had heat issues and now this
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So i was just playing guildwars2 and accidently spilt water on my keyboard. I immediately tilted my laptop and soaked water that i could see. I didnt turned my laptop rightaway just because i was checking if it was still okay. And it was. After like 5 minutes of checking I turned it off. If my laptop is fine after 24hours of drying, can I use