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I used to have a Dell XPS from 2009 and it was my perfect music production machine it handled all my recording and microphone with no problems I recently bought an HP Envy with one processor chip and it was **** and now I'm thinking about getting the alienware17 I know it's supposed to be a gaming computer but it seems like it has the right specs

Hi all,   I'm having trouble with my Alienware Graphics Amplifier, it has previously worked well, all of a sudden it isn't functioning the same way.   I plug an external monitor into my amp and boot the laptop, I get a mirrored monitor, both screens are black with the cursor. If I plug the external monitor directly into the laptop the
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Hi, i have an alienware x51 r2 with i5 dual core processor, 750ti graphic card and 16gb of ram. I want to upgrade my graphics card to something that can handle vr and will be good for the next few years. What do you recommend, will i need to purchase anything else in order for the graphics card to work. Thanks for the help.
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Hey All,   My Alienware 14 is about 2 years old and its been running pretty decently for the last 2 year (even though I run it almost 24 hrs with the charger in and spilled coffee on it twice >_<). Just recently I've had a problem with the battery. My laptop says it is plugged in but not charging. Its charge
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So here is the rundown of the issue I'm currently having:   - System boots without issue - Between 1 to approx 10 minutes after windows started, the screen might suddenly "freeze" in place, so the pc becomes unusable.   IMPORTANT: * If the issue doesn't happen shortly after starting, it won't happen later on. I went on using the pc