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2007 Aurora with 875w psu. It has 6pin connectors for the gpu's but I need 2 8pin PCI connectors. Is there a different wiring harness I can use to give me the 2 8pin connectors for my new MSI 980Ti 6Gb Golden Gaming card?   Randy

Hello, buddies! First of all, thanks for your time and help.   So I have this M18 since 2013, when it was the latest model out there, and after 4 years, it started to make some strange noises last week.   This noise comes straight out of my hardware and it's mostly random (although it is more likely to occur when I'm turning it on).
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Hello all- 1st time posting here and figured I'd take the opportunity to share my experience re-pasting my 17 r3 (6700hq, 980m).  This is my 3rd Alienware (also owned an Area-51m and M17xR3) and I've always liked using their products.  I also re-pasted those laptops as well after years of use.   After owning my current r3 for
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I been playing Civ-6 and the GPU runs at 82c and the ambient temp of the case is about 60C i can hear the fan spooling up and down (not too loudly) to maintain some sort of threshold.  I have the 850W PSU with liquid cooling (stock the way it came)  I was wondering if i placed a external fan on top of the case to help **** the hot air
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Hello all! Regarding this new BIOS A12 update I dont understant why DELL gives the following description about it: "This package provides the BIOS Update A12 on Area 51 R2 system BIOS running the following Operating Systems: Windows and DOS." I mean is it really an update for X51 R2 ?? If so why it is described as an Area 51 R2 system BIOS ??