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Hi, im a beginner and i want some help on how i can install my Hyper X Savage 480GB that is sleeping on my desk for a while in my Aurora R6 and put all the basic stuff on it like my Operating system (windows 10) on first boot on my SSD.

Was busy playing games and picture just went have tried it on different monitor but nothing happens. Old card was a Radeon HD 7950.
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Considering purchase of basic version (no interest in VR) and am concerned/interested in the type of cooling - number of fans, filters.  I also see mention of liquid cooling.  Appreciate some help so that I can select the proper upgrades.  Old Dell customer but have not followed Alienware and not sure how to be more specific that to
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i have been using this machine for past 15 days and compared to my other laptop (msi dominator) i have been having issue of heat and "geforce experience" it does not start automatically and i am not able to record vids .. seems as if the bug of intel gma existing still haunts this machine.. why ct dell just disable this completely like msi and
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So i was just playing guildwars2 and accidently spilt water on my keyboard. I immediately tilted my laptop and soaked water that i could see. I didnt turned my laptop rightaway just because i was checking if it was still okay. And it was. After like 5 minutes of checking I turned it off. If my laptop is fine after 24hours of drying, can I use