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BUILD & QUALITY CONTROL   this is 10 day of new purchase alienware 15 r3 and the bottom part of lcd is detaching by itself.. whats wrong with quality control.. first i had heat issues and now this

I've gamed on it for a couple years now.  Was in the middle of some arma action when the computer went into stand by mode, and stopped turning on.  I've removed the ram with no beeps, unplugged the hard drive and cd-rom drive with no changes.  Unplugged the cmos battery as-well.  Cpu fan will spool once and then nothing, with
Alienware News
Considering purchase of basic version (no interest in VR) and am concerned/interested in the type of cooling - number of fans, filters.  I also see mention of liquid cooling.  Appreciate some help so that I can select the proper upgrades.  Old Dell customer but have not followed Alienware and not sure how to be more specific that to
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So i was just playing guildwars2 and accidently spilt water on my keyboard. I immediately tilted my laptop and soaked water that i could see. I didnt turned my laptop rightaway just because i was checking if it was still okay. And it was. After like 5 minutes of checking I turned it off. If my laptop is fine after 24hours of drying, can I use