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Ok so I just bought the Aurora R6 with a 250gb ssd and 1tb hd with windows loaded on the ssd.  My question is if I wanted to add another ssd, I'm thinking 500-1tb, is there any recommend ones or will any work.  This is my first pc in a long time been using a Mac for about 10 years so I'm out of the loop on upgrades.. Sata or pcie will
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Hi every one,   I am planning to upgrade the onboard sound card (SB Recon3Di), to (Creative SB ZXR). I do have SLI GPU, installed in x16 PCIE slot 1 and 3. The 5th x16 slot, I am using it for my M.2 ssd. Now and as far as I know, I do have 2 remaining Slots (x1 Slot 2) and (x4 Slot 4).   My questions please: Can I use the SB ZXR
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Hi,              So I know it's been forever since the r4 came out and honestly I feel like the computer is getting old, I mean I could still play some games neatly but I Simply want an upgrade. So I was thinking of upgrading my graphics card and putting in some more ram as well, ah also one thing is
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Just today my Aurora R5 machine restarted while I had stepped away from my desk.  I did have this problem when I first bought it last spring but after a Win10 upgrade and new bios update, this problem no longer occurred.  So far it has only happened this one time but am wondering if it has anything to do with the Win10 update that I