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I have about 1,000 GB of space on my Hard Drive and now I am at 917 GB. I want to completely format/reset my entire computer but I do not have the recovery CD I was sent. I have an Alienware X51 and when we got it we had Windows 7 and still do. We did receive one it is just lost, can Alienware make the CD so I can format my computer. Thank you and

Just purchased an Aurora Alienware, and went to install my FSX, and was giving me an error, however after downloading the software, it did not install correctly at all, went to deleate the program to re-install and did not let me . Had to take the new computer to the Geek Squad, and they are telling me that they need to reload the computer to the
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this error pop up Alien ware Command Center. how to fix this error     System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.    at AlienLabs.AlienFX.Tools.Classes.CommunicationServiceClass.SetFirmwareFilesPath(String path)    at
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I just got a new Area 51 and I cannot get the case open. I pull up on the latch at the top but the sides will not come off. Is there some trick that I am missing. From looking at a youtube video, you should just be able to lift up on the latch and pull the side off. That is not happening, is there some other release that needs to be done first?
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  MY 960 Pro 512GB (only drive) is mounted in the motherboards M.2 slot. The computer is running on Dell's installed BIOS (RAID ON) which means that the drive is operating on the Windows 10 NVMe driver, and Intel RST. Crystal Mark's scores are Seq. Read - 2,736 and Seq. Write - 1,862, while Samsung's specs are Seq. Read - up to 3,500 and Seq.
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I received my R5 today but it appears that its been sitting in a fedex truck all weekend with temps down in the teens and 20s F. What are the odds that my cooling liquid it frozen? I'm already *** about my generic GTX 1080 in lieu of the NVIDIA card I paid $200 extra for so I'd really like a decent answer.