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При включении X51 черный экран., вентиляторы работают. Затем через не определное время (каждый раз разное вплоть до получаса-часа) раздается звук загрузки биоса и комп включается и работает. Нагружать в таком состоянии не решился. В чем может быть проблема? 

I take it this has something to do with the CPU, I have a i7-6700k running at 4.00GHz. Can this CPU be overclocked?
Alienware News
i have been using this machine for past 15 days and compared to my other laptop (msi dominator) i have been having issue of heat and "geforce experience" it does not start automatically and i am not able to record vids .. seems as if the bug of intel gma existing still haunts this machine.. why ct dell just disable this completely like msi and
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I received a new Alienware Aurora R6 system with Windows 10 Home, 8GB of RAM, a 1TB hard drive, and an ATI RX480 8GB graphics card.  I have been trying to update everything to the latest drivers, but I cannot flash the BIOS.  It currently has version 1.01 of the BIOS, but 1.04 is the latest one.   The pre-installed Alienware Update