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My X51 R2 died and I determined the video card was drastically over heating in a hurry. Replaced the Nvidia Geforce GTX 760 Ti with an EVGA Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti (uses 75 W max and only needs a 300 W power supply, mine is 333). The computer didn't find it until I updated my bios from A07 to A10. The computer worked fine for 2 days then shut

Recently purchased the reference GTX 1080ti, the fan is loud, and the card still gets too hot (Even w/ a pretty high fan curve).  Even if it didn't, I'm looking to add 3rd party cooling to the card.    Allow me to recap:  The Alienware Aurora R5 has an intake fan in the front, stated to have one on the side (via the
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Just purchased an Aurora Alienware, and went to install my FSX, and was giving me an error, however after downloading the software, it did not install correctly at all, went to deleate the program to re-install and did not let me . Had to take the new computer to the Geek Squad, and they are telling me that they need to reload the computer to the
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Hi Forum,   I use the CommandCenter version 4.5.18 (Last one so far) on Windows 10 Home and the Thermal Controller seems to have a bug for systems with water cooling.   If you check the screen (attached), I'm only able to control the PCI Fan,  the CPU LC Fan is not part of the ones I can control (Which is fine). However, if