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Area 51 R2  - Want to run 2 1080 GTX' - need to know what SLI Bridge.  Does it have to be a 3 slot?  Will 2 slot or 4 slot work?  The only 3 slot I found on Amazon Prime is the Asus -- can you let me know if the one below will work or if only the NVIDIA 3 slot will.  Thanks.     ASUS ROG SLI High-Bandwidth Bridge

Hi all - Just bought this gorgeous new Alienware machine - I love it.  Built like a tank and just gorgeously designed.   Now - it's stuck at BIOS A03 - Downloaded A04 through A12, and NOTHING works; it just goes through the motions of the BIOS update and says the BIOS has been 'updated successfully, please restart' but nothing actually
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bonjour,   je viens d'acheter un clavier DELL KM714 +souris WM594, le tout fonctionnant sous Windows 10 64 bits. Le fonctionnement de base est OK. Par contre les touches multimédia (niveau de son et lecture/pause) et éjection sont inactives. Que puis-je faire pour avoir accès à ces fonctions ?  
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I have an Alienware 17 R4. Yesterday, it fell (luckily, inside my backpack.) A section of the plastic casing on the rear thermal shelf unit (the block behind the lid) completely snapped off. It seems like it would be easy enough to replace that entire plastic cover; problem is, where can I get it? Dell Parts support said they don't ever get
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Having trouble with key mapping and assigning macros to certain buttons for AW558 advanced gaming mous.   In alienware control panel, I'm trying to keymap buttons such as Tilt Left, Tilt Right, and the center DPI button with various macros to use in World of Warcraft, but it will only let me drag macros to the Forward and Backward buttons.