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After starting the Upgrade to Bios A10, my Alienware A51 R2 is stuck at the Alienware boot logo. What do I do?

i have been using this machine for past 15 days and compared to my other laptop (msi dominator) i have been having issue of heat and "geforce experience" it does not start automatically and i am not able to record vids .. seems as if the bug of intel gma existing still haunts this machine.. why ct dell just disable this completely like msi and
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Hi, I have just bought a used alienware m17x r1  The specs are below  "laptop Nvidia GTX 260 1Gb graphics cards Sli x fire and Ati 9400 HD graphics. Twin sata drive bays with 250Gb main drive (2nd bay empty).Screen has Tru Color HD screen display of 1920 x 1200. Comes with face recognition software and is reset to original factory
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I recently purchased an Alienware Aurora R6 with an AMD RX480 8GB card installed.  I have 2 Dell U2515H monitors, both normally running at 2560 X 1440.  The displayport on my card can support the full resolution just fine, but the other monitor connected to the HDMI port can only go up to 2048 X 1152.   When I connect both monitors