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Hi, everyone. I recently bought a Alienware 17 R4 for deployment and would appreciate any advice on the best cooling pads and especially with protection for the laptop during transit.   My worries are in regards to the desert temperatures, the nature of the environment and the damage that can be caused by the jostling of the laptop, I guess

Hi everyone  i have some troubles with my alienware 17R2 laptop, a few months ago i sent it in to support and they replace the motherboard and other stuff but  when i receive back its appears as an 15 model, they try to fix it by a bios update and somehow my computer stop working.   Today fter a lot of troubles finally its working
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I have an Alienware Aurora R6 and am frustratingly trying to upgrade the optical drive to one that can read Blu-rays. Does anyone know what drive size specs I should be looking for? It's a low profile drive that is even smaller than a standard laptop optical drive. Thanks for any help. Background in case anyone's interested: When purchasing this
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Hello Everyone!   I have a bit of an issue here.  I have a Area 51 R2 and I tried to replace the top fan with a Noctua NF-S12A last night.    After replacing the fan, I tried to power on the system.  The system would display the Alienware logo (during POST) and then after a few seconds, the computer will shut off.  I
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I'm looking for something with a dual bios switch. Does the 1070 have this option? Seems to be like theres a lot of problems with UEFI support on the R3, even though it says its a UEFI bios, alot of people are having trouble with fully supported UEFI cards without the option to boot with legacy. Just wondering if the 1070 has this switch and if it
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I just received this computer from Alienware - R6, i7 7700, GTX 1080 Ti, 850w power supply and Liquid Cooling, and more good stuff.     The cooling system is completely fubar.  None of the fans come on where and when they say they should... and of most concern THE GPU FAN WAS NOT ENABLED AT ALL.  Consequently on use the GPU
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I just received my brand new 17 R4 and there is a chime as if I'm receiving a system notification.  This happens randomly from 30 seconds apart to 5 minutes, regardless of what I'm doing.  It'll chime while I'm playing a game, watching a video on YouTube or scrolling through Reddit.   I can't find the source of the chime and it's